18th Edition is the latest edition of the wiring regulations. They are a set of guidelines that outline the standard for safe electrical work. Anybody working with electrical installations should have a good working knowledge of these regs. We offer a 3-day course that will get you up to speed with the regulations and prepare you for the exam.

18th edition courses

Why do I need to know the 18th Edition?

If you don’t have an understanding of the 18th Edition, or don’t know what the regulations include, your installations may not meet the current industry standard, which could mean that your installations are unsafe or inefficient. Additionally, if you don’t have this qualification you may find it difficult to secure work with large companies and contractors.

What will I learn?

This course is entirely classroom based, it introduces wiring regulations in a straightforward manner and covers their application through explanation and worked examples.

You'll be taught by our instructors who are experts on the subject. Our electrical instructors have been studying and teaching the 18th edition since its release back in July 2018.

After the 3-days of studying it will be time for the exam. The exam is is a 2-hour multiple-choice, on-line examination. The exam is 'open book', meaning that you will be able to look up wiring regulations and refer to the 18th edition book during the exam process.

How do I get started?

Booking courses with us is simple and can be done by either calling us directly on 01322 280 202, over the phone we can answer any questions you have and process your booking. You can also book courses by visiting us in person and talking a member of our office team or finally by booking online.

To book a course online look for the green button 'Reserve your Space' on each course page, this is where you can see the next available spaces and fill in your information. Alternatively, take a look below at our online booking form for the spaces in both April & May!

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For more information on our range of Electrician courses or specifically our 18th Edition courses give us a call on 01322 280 202 - We are more than happy to help answer any questions you have about a particular course or provide guidance on achieving your personal career goals through training.

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