Person crouched down hanging a wooden door into a frame

Whether you plan to move into home renovation as a long-term business plan or simply want to be a bit handier around your own house, property development skills are extremely valuable and developing this knowledge can lead to a substantial return on investment.

From greater control over project timelines to saving yourself a small fortune, below are four reasons why you should consider taking a property development course to help you with your home refurbishment. 

Save money

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of learning property development skills for yourself is the opportunity to save a significant amount of money. There will, of course, be instances where the expertise of a qualified tradesperson is required to safely carry out a job, for example in cases where gas appliances are involved, though you may be surprised at how many otherwise costly tasks around the home you could complete yourself once you have some basic renovation skills. 

From using carpentry skills to fit door frames to constructing your own cavity wall after training in bricklaying, being able to complete these common renovation tasks has the potential to save you thousands of pounds.

Work to your own timeline

We know that good tradespeople are often in high demand, meaning you might have to wait some time before you can get the work done. Learning these skills for yourself means you can work to your own timeline and aren’t waiting around for long periods for jobs to be completed.

It also means that you can streamline the project to make the most of your time – while the plaster on your bedroom ceiling is drying off, you can be measuring and cutting your skirting boards in the entrance hall.

Quality of work 

Completing home renovation work yourself means you have full control over the quality of the work and the materials that you choose, so you can ensure jobs are finished exactly how you want them to be. 

As for the overall aesthetic, if you have a change of heart, and decide you want to go with Hague Blue rather than Tusk, or that you did actually prefer the herringbone tiling after all, there’s no awkward conversation with your decorator.

Reducing bills

It’s not only the appearance to take into consideration in property development projects. Houses need maintenance and things go wrong from time to time. 

Being able to carry out repair work quickly can have a direct impact on your bills. Let’s say you’ve got a leaky tap, this can cost homeowners up to £300 on annual water bills and because it isn’t deemed an emergency, you could be waiting around weeks for a professional to come and fix it. However, with some basic plumbing skills, you could quickly solve the problem within a few hours. 

Interested in learning home renovation skills for yourself? Able Skills offers an in-depth Property Development Course that covers key areas including plumbing, plastering, painting & decorating, carpentry and bricklaying, along with a variety of other expert-led multi-skills courses.

Drop by the training centre anytime we’re open and our team would be happy to talk through the courses we offer, or If you can’t make it in, call us on 01322 280 202.