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A REAL Code For Real Solar PV Courses Qualified Installers!

A recent report by consumer organisation, Which? has revealed that a 'cowboy' element has been operating within the fledgling solar PV industry. 'Rogue trader' activity is a sure sign that the rewards of photovoltaic systems installation are felt to be attractive enough to warrant their unwelcome appearance.According to the Micropower Council, the industry has applied itself most rigorously to enforce self-regulation via the Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) and the REAL Assurance Scheme. In order to be registered on the two schemes, solar installers must have completed and qualified on nationally recognised City & Guilds / BPEC / NICEIC solar PV courses or solar courses - up to levels 2 and 3 - at an approved and accredited training facility like the AbleSkills Renewable Energy Centre.To encourage the take up of solar panel technology by which to power and heat their homes, it's vitally important to gain the trust of the UK householder and mandatory membership of the two schemes is designed to help ensure 'best practice' standards will be followed by solar PV companies.The investigation by Which? reveals that a small number of solar firms are providing poor and misleading advice to prospective customers about installing solar technology and using dubious sales tactics. Misinformation centered around the amount of energy solar PV panels would produce, underestimating the time period that the FeedIn Tariffs (FitS) would pay back the initial investment and even blatantly advising panels to be installed on a shaded part of the roof!The solar industry and it's key professional personnel training providers, such as AbleSkills, make every effort to ensure that only highly competent and skilled practitioners are verified to gain a recognised qualification for eligibility to go on to register with the national schemes. However, the consumer is also becoming aware that in order for them to take advantage of the FiTs, RHI and Green Deal subsidy schemes, a MCS accredited installer and product must be used. In addition, the installer must be a member of a consumer assurance scheme, such as the REAL code.A wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Renewable Energy Association who sponsor the Scheme, the REAL Assurance code