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Able Skills Electrician Courses - Why Ryan Todd Chose Our Home Study Option

Able Skills Electrician Courses - Why Ryan Todd Chose Our Home Study Option

Electrician Course Able Skills Home Study Electrical Courses

Our Home Study Electrical Courses remain one of our most popular options for those looking to balance work, family and career progression. We spoke to one of our latest students, Ryan Todd, who gave us an insight into how the Home Study Option is helping him work towards a brighter future. We found out how such Electrician Courses are helping students like Ryan, as well as what he currently does and what he plans on doing in the future!

Which Course and why?

I'm studying on the Home Study Level 2 Electrical Course which is City & Guilds accredited. I chose this course because I currently work offshore as an ROV Pilot and Technician and this is a great add on course with it allowing me to easily transfer what I learn here to the job.

I chose the Home Study Option particularly because I work on a 6 week schedule meaning I'm home for several weeks at a time which frees me up to do things for my career like this Electrical Course. What really impressed me was the flexibility as I have the power to choose which weeks I want to come in and train allowing me to apply what I learn to work, exactly as I learn it here.

Did you consider training elsewhere?

Able Skills was the only place I found to offer a Home Study Electrical Course. I found you guys after looking for Electrical Courses online and you guys really stood out to me. When I go back to working offshore, I know they'll like the fact that I get a City & Guilds qualification too as I understand that holds a lot of weight in the industry world wide.

Electrician courses Able Skills Home Study Electrical Courses

Has the course met your expectations and is it good value for money?

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So far so good! It's definitely met my expectations. There's great facilities given to me here and the teaching is great too. All the workshops are clean and spacious and the free refreshments go along way too!

It's really convenient the way Able Skills were able to offer me accommodation nearby too. It's really good value for money being only £20 a night and that helps me as I work offshore and live in London.

Any plans after you finish your Level 2?

I want to do the Level 3 Home Study Electrical Course after I finish this one. After that, I want to study the 2391 Inspection and Testing Course and obviously the 18th Edition as I'll need that to carry out work legally.

When speaking to students around our centre, there is a great demand for Home Study Electrical Courses and it's really satisfying knowing we're truly helping people get the career they really want.

The City & Guilds accreditation really is recognised world wide through the industry and we're happy it's being noticed! If you would like to check out our Home Study Electrical Courses, please click here.