able skillsAble Skills are overwhelmed to be helping the homeless learn a trade and get them back into work! This great opportunity has come about through BEAM, which is an organisation who help the homeless to achieve their aspiring role through crowdfunding.

Such charity helps the homeless change their lives around for the better and ensuring they stay off the streets for good. Beam are a social impact business and they have already changed the lives of many who couldn’t believe the support they received.

For those that don’t know, Homelessness in the UK approximately impacts over 200,000 people. Its hard to imagine that so many people don’t belong to a warm home that so many of us take for granted. Take for instance where you’ll be heading to after finishing work, just think to yourself there are some people out there who are living on the streets at that very moment. It is for this reason that Able Skills love to take on such students, who may haven’t had all the luck in their past, but are willing to turn their lives around and build a stable future.

Please bear in mind that it is reported there are over 200,000 ‘hidden homeless’ people who live in temporary accommodation like hostels and it should be the UK’s duty to help such people make a better life for themselves.

able skills

Here’s how it works:

1. Charities suggest members

Each member on BEAM will have shown the potential to succeed in training and work and been recommended to them by a registered homelessness charity.

2. Plan Training

A Beam employee meets the member. Together, they match employment training to the member's unique talents and experience.

3. Raise funding

Beam helps the member prepare an online fundraising campaign for their employment training.

4. Ongoing support from Beam

During the campaign and all the way through training and into work, a Beam "Member Manager" supports the member.

5. Member help member

Once a member is in stable, paid work, they provide mentorship to new Beam members. Members usually pledge to repay the value of their campaign to future Beam member

You can donate to each members crowdfund via one off payments of alternatively you can give monthly.

The great work by Beam has even gained support by the Mayor of London and Able Skills are truly humbled to help them in achieving their goal of eradicating homelessness for good.

Watch this space for updates on students who have learnt a trade with us here at Able Skills and in the mean time, head over to BEAM to help change someone’s life today!