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Able Skills Proudly Welcome Students All The Way From Singapore!

electrical coursesAs you know, Able Skills has students from all over the world train with us and we're very honored to warmly welcome two students who have come all the way from Singapore for our Electrical Courses! Varadarajan Ramesh and his colleague both enrolled onto our 18th Edition Course and the 2391 Inspection and Testing Course and took advantage of our nearby accommodation for just £20 a night.

We were able to catch up with Varadarajan and found out what brought him to Able Skills from so far away! We found out what he currently does in Singapore and what he plans on doing with his soon to be new Electrical Qualifications overseas!

So Why The Electrical Courses?

Well there's actually a huge demand for this type of work in Singapore at the moment and there simply aren't enough people who are qualified to carry out the work.

There's a lot of people out there who may not realise just how booming the construction industry is in Singapore. There's a lot of projects going on and the country seems to be investing in itself for a stringer economy. Naturally as demand for construction goes up, that means an increase in jobs too!

What Do You Currently Do In Singapore?

Well I'm a senior project manager and my area of expertise is in automation. I currently work on a power plant and carry out mechanical and civil installations with our aim being to improve the efficiency of machinery that's used within a work place. It's a growing sector and there is understandably a lot of demand for an increase in efficiency as we possess the power to save a lot of money.

Another benefit of this field of work is as everything becomes automated, it's easy to identify faults on the machinery which means quicker repair time too.

How Are You Finding It And What Are Your Plan After?

electrical courses Able Skills Electrical Courses and Electrician Training are City & Guilds Accredited

I've already passed the 18th Edition Course and I'm currently undergoing the 2391 Inspection and Testing Course. The training as a whole is excellent and my tutors helped us break down the electrical jargon that I'm not familiar with as you can imagine the same words aren't used in Singapore. Everyone at Able Skills has been really accommodating to us and I'd like to give a special thanks to Hollie in reception for all her help with making sure we feel at home.

After we've passed the Inspection and Testing Course we're back in Singapore, our company wants us to work for some clients who are in need of people to carry out Inspection and Testing on their equipment. It should be on a pretty big project and we're looking forward to applying what we've learnt here. We might even come back for some further Electrician Training as we didn't have any prior experience.

It's not the first time we've had students from overseas especially to train at Able Skills but it's certainly a first to have visitors from Singapore. It's been a pleasure to train both guys and we feel very privileged to have them at our center lately. We wish you guys the absolute best for the future!

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