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Able Skills Review By 'Spark'les'

I thought that I would support Able Skills as I have just come to the end of a fantastic period of training, learning to be an Electrician.I have been at Able Skills for a year or so, on and off and have undergone various training courses which are needed for me to succeed as an Electrician.I have completed the C&G 2330 at both levels 2 and 3; I have my 17th Edition, have done C&G 2393 for Part P purposes and also C&G 2392 for Inspection and testing. I want to do the C&G 2391 at some stage but I'm going to wait a while and get some experience before I have a go at this particular Electrical course.My main reason for writing on here today is because I am a woman who has made the decision to switch from a lifetime as a Civil Servant to a career as an Electrician, something that has taken many years for me to decide upon.I was extremely nervous about starting the training, even though I had been down to look at Able Skills beforehand. When I went to look around, I hadn't made an appointment as I had been told on the phone to just turn up!!But when I got there I was made welcome, given time by everyone I met and was advised on all of the options that I would have available to me and was also given a tour of the workshops and classrooms. I think my nerves were more about changing career so dramatically rather than attending the Electrical courses.My experience at Able Skills has been brilliant and I am confident that this is the best decision I have made in years. Not only have I learned a considerable amount about being an Electrician, I have learned how to cope in a male dominated environment (I was the only woman in the class) and thanks to Able Skills other company called OnTime Services, I have learned about working in real life situations as I was given the opportunity to go out with qualified Electricians and work alongside them doing real installs and not just fetching and carrying and making the tea (although I did that as well).Some of the work I did has been assessed by their assessor Kevin and this will be evidence towards my NVQ. I just need to secure some more work in order to finish this but I have a few things lined up and am confident that I can achieve the NVQ before the Summer next year.Personally I can't thank Able Skills enough, they are busy and have a lot on and need to get through a lot in the time allocated but if you are a good and keen student which I am having committed my life savings into this, then you will get on. Everyone has time for you, the instructors are great and I have made some real friends from the guys that did the courses with me.My special thanks go to Richard, Paul, Alan and Jim and also to Steve the technician who made sure that everything run smoothly in the workshops - lovely fella. Overall, thank you to everyone at Able Skills who helped and encouraged me to gain my Electrical Qualifications.My posting today is really to encourage women who want to go into construction to be brave and take that leap. I don't know if every training establishment is like Able Skills so if you can't find one where you feel comfortable, take my personal guarantee that Able Skills will look after you.