It is well known that lot of people are deciding to come out of the everyday office job to learn a trade and this is exactly what Jack done. He has been working as an Accountant since he was 18 when he completed an apprenticeship. 12 years down the line he is fed up working 5 days a week in a London office. Jack decided he wanted to become an Electrician.

Getting ‘on the tools’ was something that also interested Jack and when he felt the opportunity came he went for it and booked a course at Able Skills. After coming down one weekend to look around Jack decided he was going to complete Gold Card package.

A few months later his course began with the Level 2 Electrical Course. After seven weeks of hard training he had complete his Level 2. However, he didn’t jump straight into his Level 3, after the 17th Edition course he went out to work and found a very good job. Due to his new job he decided to complete his Level 3 at weekends to be able to train and earn at the same time.

The flexible training options was a huge factor for Jack as he knew that training at weekends would allow him to commit to a full time electrical job while continuing to work towards his Level 3. As Jack is still working his way through his Level 3 course, he is out there on the tools getting real work experience that will help in massively with his course and future.

Jack made a point of saying to us how impressed he was with the standard of training he received from his tutor, Keith during his training for Level 2. He also wanted to make sure he was on a weekend Level 3 course with Keith as he knew the quality he offered.

We would like to wish Jack all the best with the remainder of his course and his new career away from his accountant

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