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Aim for a New Career with Construction Courses

If you're tired of turning up to an unrewarding office job every day then a career in the construction industry could be for you.

People interested in kick-starting a practical career will benefit from learning construction skills through accredited plumbing courses at respected training centres which are affiliated with the appropriate industry organisations.

Emma Denmark, from Harlow in Essex, told the London Evening Standard that she is taking vocational courses at a private training centre in order to get a career in the construction industry after becoming dissatisfied with her day job.

She told the Standard: "I left college after my A-levels and started work straightaway at Stansted Airport, first in Duty Free and then in security. But I don't enjoy my job and I think there's lots of potential for women in the construction industry."

Emma hopes to pass her construction courses and gain a qualification that will help her to establish her own business, which will allow her to leave her job at Stansted airport.

She told the paper: "My plan once I finish this course is to practise on my Mum's house and then set up my own business doing domestic jobs, gradually reducing my hours at Stansted from 40 down to 32 and then to 20 as the business takes off."

The 26-year-old believes that being a female gives her an advantage as elderly people and single parents feel more comfortable with a lady tradesman working in their house.