Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium is taking on a £63 upgrade ahead of 2022 Commonwealth games


The redeveloped stadium at Walsall Road in Perry Park will increase its permanent seating capacity from 12,700 to 18,000 allowing up to 40,000 during the Games through additional temporary seating. This is a huge construction and will be greatly beneficial not just for the 2022 Commonwealth games but for the present. Current construction workers in the local area will be recruited.  The expansion would see it become the UK's largest permanent athletics stadium outside London.


Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium is taking on a £63 upgrade ahead of 2022 Commonwealth games.


The construction firm to take on the project hasn't been chosen as of yet, but is set to be picked at the beginning of next year. There are so many opportunities at this current moment in the UK. Across the country, there is a huge abundance of diffrent large-scale project similar to this and much greater.

It is really important that the country continues to upgrade, develop and grow. This current boom in construction is evident in all elements of the industry from commercial to residential to infrastructure. Each creating thousands of jobs this is a great time for the industry. In fact, amidst this current skills gap, it is surprising that so many companies are still going ahead with construction work. The stadium was built back in 2012 and is due an upgrade to it is great to see, If you would like to get involved with projects like this then you are in luck Able Skills can help you get there.

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