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Students On The New Entrants Gas Training Course

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Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited

Today marked the start of another Gas Training Course at Able Skills. Over the next 7 weeks, students in the above picture will be training  towards their ACS Exams on the New Entrants Gas Training Course with the intention of registering with the Gas Safe Register further down the line.

As the students are new to the trade, we initially develop their pipe skills to get them up to scratch with what they can expect out in the real world and that's exactly what you'll see in the above picture. We will keep you updated with how these students are getting on over the next 7 weeks and even show you guys more of what you can expect to learn if you even enrolled on the same course.

As you can see, students get stuck in so to speak on their first day with the practical elements of the task and will continue their hands on training alongside theoretical aspects of the trade too.

Just a reminder...Students are welcome to find another company to complete their Gas Portfolio with, but just so you know, Able Skills offers a guaranteed Gas Portfolio placement with Boiler Medic. This eliminates the stresses of having to find a company to take you on and saves you worrying about getting a full range of different work done.

If you're interested in the New Entrants Gas Training Course, or anyone of our other Gas Courses, please click here to find out more.