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Are Plumbers missing out on work?

Lots of Plumbers will gain work from recommendations through family members and friends, however, a large chunk of business is gained from having a good online presence.

A very large number of Plumbers are said to be missing out on business due to a poor online presence. Yell have found that 90% of Plumbers have either incorrect or inconsistent information online, meaning that they are missing out on a lot of business. Some are even missing basic information such a phone numbers and emails.

The work that is being missed out for small companies due to poor online presence, is being handed over to bigger businesses. Self-employed Plumbers and small plumbing businesses are potentially missing out on a lot of business due to their presence online.

In the modern day and age a lot of business is achieved due to an online presence and many people will go to look online to find a Plumber or Electrician etc. If the business doesn't have a reliable online presence it could mean that potential customers may look elsewhere.

Yell reported that 51% of customers said when they were looking for a new service, the most important source of information was a website and that 54% of people rely on positive online reviews when deciding on a new local business or service.

However, if a self-employed Plumber or small business fails to have a good online presence, it will be very unlikely that they will have any reviews that customers can feed off from. This will mean that they will look elsewhere to find a Plumber.

Plumbers are missing out on lots of work due to a poor online presence. Plumbers are missing out on lots of work due to a poor online presence.

Whether you have just finished training as Plumber and you are just starting up, or you are an experienced Plumber, a good online presence is crucial to gaining work. Having the correct information on Google, for example. Also, having reliable Social Media pages that allow customers to find you and make contact with you easily. This will all count to putting your knowledge and skills to work and reduce the amount of business that you may miss out on.

Able Skills students that have just started out as Plumbers could be missing out on lots of valuable work if they don't have the correct and visible information online.