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'Ask around' for efficient technicians with plumbing course qualifications

Customers keen to find an engineer with plumbing course qualifications could benefit from asking the right questions, according to one source.

Sunday Mercury writer Mary Barabe suggested asking how long a plumbing business and its employees have been in operation, since organisations that have been around for a long time may be "proficient".

She claimed that another good way of locating a reliable technician who has taken plumbing courses is to ask friends and family for recommendations.

Ms Barabe remarked: "They will be more than happy to tell the person which plumbers to use and which plumbers to avoid."

The journalist highlighted how there are plenty of services that can be called out at short notice in an emergency, but noted that it is good to be prepared for such a situation by having a regular plumber.

Technicians in this line of work will often be high earners, with Pimlico Plumbers engineer Brian Grice recently telling the Guardian that his wage was