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Award-winning decorator lauds Mirka's sanding system

An award-winning painter and decorator has issued a robust commendation of the dust-free net sanding system made by Mirka.

Wayne de Wet, who as well as being an in-demand tradesman also writes extensively on the industry in various media, said that the system has been an invaluable part of his toolbox since he was first introduced to it in 2006.

Speaking to the Painting Decorating Association, de Wet said that the system has made his job easier and more enjoyable – at the same time as creating a perfect base for any painting work.

“If you ask any decorator around the world what is the worst part of decorating it is usually the preparation stage – that is the filling, sanding, and the cleaning part of the project, but with the dust-free sanding system even preparation work is a pleasure,” he said. “I often look at myself and think I must be mad as I actually enjoy sanding now.”

The perfection that the system has helped him to achieve as a professional saw him named the Grand Winner Dulux Select Decorator of the Year 2011.

De Wet, who is a specialist in hand-painted kitchens and furniture, said that he uses Mirka’s CEROS sander and dust extraction machine combined with the brand’s Abranet abrasives, and is also a big fan of Mirka’s range of sanding blocks.