Be sure you get your boiler serviced during these cold winter months!


It is getting cold outside and according to a recent study by the Benchmark Steering Group - Millions of people in the country have never called a Gas Engineer and had their boiler serviced. Having your boiler serviced may seem like a small thing but regular servicing makes the world of difference especially during the winter. This research also uncovered some very interesting statistics about peoples relationships with their household appliances. Today we are going to look into this topic in more detail and consider some simple tasks you can do to improve and maintain your Gas appliances at home...


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Be sure you get your boiler serviced during these cold winter months!


According to these findings around 80% of breakdowns result in people being left completely without heating and or hot water for at least a day with some ignoring the issue for over 3-days. It is clear that there is not enough awareness surrounding boiler servicing. Nobody should be left without these essentials and if people were diligent about getting their boiler maintained annually or even every couple of years, people would not find themselves in this situation.


The process of getting your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer is very simple and inexpensive and shouldn't be overlooked by such a large percentage of people. Additionally, 15% of people  are not even sure if their boiler is in or out of warranty, supporting the need to further educate consumers to ensure they are well informed.


Can I get my boiler serviced during lockdown?


The short answer is yes! Gas Engineers provide essential services and will continue to operate whilst maintaining social distancing. This does largely depend on your personal situation, however, for the average household there will be no problems at all acquiring the services of a tradesperson. The difference is, for example, if you are shielding you should minimise all interactions with others although work can be carried out in homes of the clinically vulnerable, but workers should be particularly vigilant in respect of social distancing and good hygiene.


What can I do to prevent boiler problems?


Firstly, bleeding your radiators is a simple and very small task that can be done relatively quickly.  By bleeding your radiators you can help to release the build up of pressure which may be causing your boiler to work harder than it needs to. There are plenty of tutorials online including our guide which you can find here. Additionally, you can prevent your pipes freezing in these low temperatures by covering the pipework and insulting it you can ensure that the water is able to travel more freely through the pipe. You should never attempt to repair a faulty Gas appliance yourself, there are many dangers in the world of gas and you could end up doing more damage than good, leave it to the professionals and more sure they are registered with the Gas Safe Register!



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