When you are looking to start a career in any industry certain training is required to get the qualifications and meet the standards of that job. To become an Electrician there are many routes that can send you into the industry, depending on what you are looking to do.

Many courses are required to become a fully qualified Electrician and the industry recognised qualifications you should be looking at is City & Guilds. This will get you a foot in the door in the electrical industry as they are well recognised among potential employers.

Here at Able Skills we have a variety of different electrical course packages that give you the courses that suit your career path. The biggest and best electrical package we offer is the JIB Gold Card package, this incorporates all the courses needed to become a fully qualified Electrician.

City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course

The level 2 qualification is the perfect starting point to get yourself into the electrical industry. This is a seven-week course which includes a range of theory and practical electrical training. Throughout the seven weeks of training you will also complete several online exams and practical assessments.

17th Edition & PAT Testing

Once the level 2 course is completed you will go onto the 17th Edition Course. This is a three-day theory course where a two-hour multiple-choice exam is completed on the final day. The 17th Edition course is crucial part of becoming an Electrician. It is the 17th Edition of the wiring regulations. After this is completed on the Wednesday, you can then complete the two days of PAT Testing, which also is mainly theory based and finishes with a multiple-choice exam.

City & Guilds Level 3 Electrical Course

The level 3 course is the next stage of your training. Although this has practical elements, it is a more theory based course compared to the level 2. It is also a seven-week course and includes several online and written exams. Once this is complete you are well on your way to becoming an Electrician.

City & Guilds Inspection & Testing 2391

Throughout your level 2 & 3 training you will decide whether you want to complete testing qualifications after your level 3 or go straight into the NVQ. This 2391 qualification is fairly new as it has replaced the 2394/2395 qualification. It is a five-day theory course finished off with a online multiple choice exam on the last day. Once the exam is passed you will then book in for your practical assessments. However, you can do this course at a later date.


Your training is all complete at this stage and you are now ready to register onto the NVQ. Once you are registered you will then go out to work and our assessor will come out on-site and assess you in the workplace carrying out several electrical installations over two site visits. For more information on the NVQ, please click here.

The AM2 is now a mandatory part of becoming a fully qualified Electrician. This is a timed practical assessment which you are given 2 ½ days to complete. You will then have to complete an online multiple-choice exam.

After completing all of that you will be able to get the Gold Card and go out working as an Electrician.

Here at Able Skills we also have an alternative Home Study route. This is where you complete all the theory for the level 2 and 3 courses at home in your own time. Once you have done this you will then book your practical training weeks. Find out more here: www.ableskills.co.uk/electrician-training-courses/home-study-electrician-courses/

If you have any questions about the Gold Card package, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01322 280 202 for more information.