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Could your boss fund your training with our Plumbing Courses? - Student Story with Hobie Clements

plumbing coursesplumbing coursesSometimes our current roles can stretcher further than our initial job description as the company employing us may choose to send us on additional training. Learning towards qualifications only means an increased skill set and can put yourself in a position to demand the bigger bucks. Plumbing student Hobie Clements works as a Mechanical Engineer and is currently studying on our Introduction to Plumbing - just one of our many Plumbing Courses.

The opportunity for training at Able Skills came about after his company decided it was time for Hobie to learn more on the job and broaden his set of skills through taking on plumbing based jobs in his current role. He said his boss wanted him to take on more responsibility and hence funded his plumbing course...sounds like a win-win!!

Plumbing courses such as the City & Guilds accredited Introduction to Plumbing course can be achieved in 5 days. This short and intensive course covers:

  • Plumbing systems and fittings
  • Soldering techniques
  • Jointing, bending and pressure testing copper tube
  • Dealing with valves, taps, cisterns
  • Plumbing pipework

This short and intensive course is perfect for those who are after some basic introductory plumbing skills with a City and Guilds certificate at the end. It is ideal for individuals who want to gain an insight into the real world of plumbing and perhaps have ambitions to progress towards enrolling onto further plumbing courses in the future.

electrician coursesShould your boss be looking for plumbers, why not ask if they would be willing to fund a course for yourself as an existing employee? If it worked for Hobie it may work for you too. Being more than happy to take on the challenge, Hobie admitted he wasn't quite sure what to expect. This lead him to searching Able Skills Plumbing Courses to find out that our independent reviews live up to what they say!

When explaining how his time has been on only his third day, Hobie said the course has provided him with everything he needs to ensure he learns to the best of his ability. Teaching? 'Great'. Facilities? 'Brilliant'. Consider anywhere else? 'No this is the best one around'.

Hobie did mention that he previously enrolled on a steam boiler course. Being the only form of course that he can compare ours too, he said our Introduction to Plumbing Course was so much more hands on as the steam boiler courses consisted of him stuck in a class room for several days...oh dear!

Hobie also mentioned that when showing initial interest in our Plumbing Courses, he was sent a booklet giving more of an insight into what he can expect. Sure enough, he was impressed by what he read but his expectations surpassed him when he saw our several plumbing centres in real life!

Hobie now expects to transfer what he has learnt at Able Skills to his current role as a mechanical engineer and would love to come back in the future should the opportunity presents itself. All the best in the future mate! In the mean time, for a list of the Plumbing Courses we offer, click here