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Bricklayer's wages rise as the skills shortage continues...

The whole of the construction industry is struggling because of a lack of skilled workers on building sites. Bricklayers are suffering from one of the biggest shortages of skilled workers and the competitive paying rates for Bricklayers is getting higher.

As the skills shortage doesn’t improve the need for bricklayers is getting higher than ever. It is a well-known fact that across the UK there is a major housing crisis and this is leading to lots of building work across the country. However, due to the skills shortage in construction, some of this work is being delayed and left uncompleted as companies are unable to find the skilled and qualified staff.

Bricklayers are one of the highest in demand and the competition to hire skilled and qualified Bricklayers is really tough. Due to this the average salary for a qualified Bricklayer to work on-site has increased over the last year, with some Bricklayers in London earning £15-£25 an hour, according to Construction Enquirer.

The Construction Enquirer also say that 59% of recruiters saying that the Brexit could make it even harder to feel vacancies to help build and finish some of the big construction jobs in the UK.

Bricklayer's wages are rising! Bricklayer's wages are rising!

According to the REC, their survey said that Bricklayers are the third hardest to recruit in the whole industry.

However, this has produced an opportunity for those people that want to make a change in their career as the jobs are available out there. People are often scared to change their career as they are too old. At Able Skills, hundreds of people every year prove that it is never too late to make a change and have a fresh start.

The opportunities for Bricklayers and all construction workers are out there. Just train and complete all qualifications and you will be in high demand from all construction industries. Take the chance to start in an exciting new career path!

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