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It is time to start that Bricklaying career!

Bricklaying is one of the most popular trades about and it has been expanded even larger in recent months due to increased building work being planned across the UK.

Put aside the bricklaying robots, because it is now time for more people to join an industry that is booming and an industry that has the chance to offer loads of work to new and experienced bricklayers.

This is the chance for people to make a change in their life and be able to show that they have built new and exciting structures. Bricklaying is in a very big shortage of qualified workers right now and the demanding construction industry are treating qualified and skilled bricklayers as gold dust!

Opportunities are endless within the bricklaying industry in this current time, meaning it is the best opportunity to start a career as a Bricklayer because the work is available and their is a good chance of earning a high wage.

Here at Able Skills are aim is to give the best possible training to every student that walks through the door. Simon is our Bricklaying instructor and he provides the best training for all students to go out and work as a Bricklayer. Here is a video of Simon giving a demonstration to some of his new students:

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