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British Gas Early Smart Meter Roll Out

British Gas has announced plans to accelerate the roll-out of its smart meter programme and install two million smart meters in customers' homes by 2012 and beat the Government's target date of 2020.This will allow British households to take early advantage of smart meter technology - including real time, on-screen information - helping them cut their energy use, carbon emissions and fuel bills.Following on from recent announcements that a Smart Meter is to be rolled out across the country for the monitored measure of water consumption, the manpower resources for carrying out the required meter replacement work for both utilities may be seen as considerable.British Gas have just begun recruitment of 2,600 new smart energy experts who will support the roll-out but it might be that there are not enough trained and qualified electricians and plumber/gas fitters currently available to carry out such a huge undertaking in the required period of time.The likelihood is that for both Gas and Water Smart Meter installation across the UK the indications are good for enough contract work to be made available in order to complete the colossal task, which for Water metering, at least, is likely to extend well past the 2020 date.This means that an individual who starts now to train to be a electrician or looking to immediately begin a new career working as a plumber, and after gaining valuable work experience, will be trained and qualified and thus, more than well placed to be competent to carry out the meter installation work.The industry-recognised route to embark on a skills trade career is the City & Guilds NVQ - Electrical 2330 for electrician course training and Plumbing 6129 - both commencing at Level 2 to gain understanding of basic principles and underpinning knowledge, before going on to Level 3 to gain the required standard of qualification to be considered 'competent'.Through the carefully structured course development in place at AbleSkills, a student can begin application for Gas Training, once they have been verified and formally qualified at the completion of the required plumbing training. It is a popular and much used career route for serious students wishing to be able to provide a comprehensive set of skills in this particular service sector.