Modular building and other methods could be the answer to the demand


We spoke about modular housing last week, and a new look at this method of building is becoming of interest to several diffrent groups. The UK needs to build around 500 Schools every single year to keep up with demand, which is a very hefty feat to accomplish, however with the use of modular construction and the block-like nature of schools it could be the perfect marriage for construction!


Bricklaying courses

Modular building and other methods could be the answer to the demand.


The Seismic project (Standardisation of School Components), which saw industry partners working with the Manufacturing Technology Centre, is aiming to reduce the number of parts and the weight of ‘offsite build’ construction with a one-size-fits-all approach. As seen with modular construction in the past it not only reducing the construction time of the project but also the cost of building so it is a win-win situation for the education industry as it is a means to an end for the demand and a win for construction as companies will be able to spend less money on parts, materials etc.

What is a modular construction?


Modular building is a method of construction that uses off-site construction to create pre-fabricated sections that are then attached on-site! This does not mean in any way that these preconstructed sections are inferior to traditionally built homes, schools and so on. Modular buildings are built to equal or higher standards as on-site stick-built homes. This is because they are put together in a controlled environment. This means that they can be inspected easily, no weather condition problems and this assembly line fashion of construction means that they can all be produced precisely alike and to exact specification.

Construction training:


Even a project like this, with the use of this newer modular method, will still need the traditional workers it has always needed. The only difference is that sections are built individually first. The industry needs workers, in fact, there is a shortage of qualified construction workers across the board in all trades...

The trades that we offer courses in include: 

The skills shortage?


The UK construction workforce is an ageing one, with over 20% of our tradespeople being over fifty and 15% being in their sixties. The trouble is, as these plasterers, painters and plumbers retire, the same percentage of young people are not entering these professions. Bricklaying is the trade that is most affected, currently bricklayers are earning a huge amount compared to their salary of years gone by some are even earning 1,000's a week due to the severe demand!

If you are interested in a change of career, or maybe you'd like to start one then Bricklaying could be for you! Our Bricklaying courses are hand-on practical learning assisted by our instructors who both have put years into the trade both working on-site and as a teacher. Use them to your advantage as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we guarantee you won't find anywhere else!

If you have no experience whatsoever, but you would like to get stuck in with our Bricklaying courses then we first recommend that you take an Introduction to Bricklaying course; this 5-day course will give you the foundation and basic understanding of the trade...If you have completed it or you have had some experience in the past then you can jump straight in with our NVQ Level 2 Bricklaying course get all the experience you need during this 8-week class and be prepared for an NVQ - National Vocational Qualification, getting your CSCS card and getting employment working on-site!

Ready to enrol?


If you would like to talk about our Bricklaying courses or any other Construction training that we offer then come over to our office, we have an open policy and will show any potential candidates around our facility answer questions and provide guidance on the best possible options for you! Alternatively, you can call 08081003245!

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Bricklaying courses

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