Can you take Electrician courses online?


Now that we have entered yet another lockdown period, you may be thinking to yourself can I take Electrician courses online? It's a new year and no way is this pandemic going to stop you from progressing and achieving new heights for yourself! Here at Able Skills, unfromatualty we have had to temporary suspend most of our training options, however, we are working to introduce new ways you can learn trade skills with us. One way to get started at home is our range of Home-Study courses! In the trade of electrics we offer both our City & Guilds Level 2 & 3 courses on a Home-Study basis - Today we would like to explain how these alternative training options work, what you'll gain from these training programmes and how you can get started right now!


Electrician courses

Can you take Electrician courses online?

What are Home-Study courses?


Firstly, what are Home-Study courses? Well, these options for the main two electrical qualifications allow you to start the process from the comfort of your own home! Once registered, we will send you the relevant City & Guilds textbooks, our specially crafted 'Home-Study Pack', contact details for one of our instructors and login details for the online learning platform Smartscreen. With all of these resources you will look to learn the theory side of the courses at home, everything that you need to know it presented to you including some example test questions allowing you to track your progress as you study!


We recommend a minimum of 6-weeks of studying to ensure that you have absorbed everything provided. Once you are confident that you have gained a good, working understanding of the theory and as soon as we can get you back, you will attend the centre to learn the practical hands-on skills in our practical training bays, which are equipped with training boards set to exceed specific City & Guilds requirements and all tools and materials are readily available for all of your electrical requirements.


What will I gain?


These courses are completely comprehensive, meaning you will effectively learn to become an electrician from scratch! If followed correctly the resources provided will give you a solid understanding  of the fundamental underpinning theory knowledge. Once you do attend our centre you will learn the practical aspects of each qualification accompanied by our experts instructors who have years of experience both teaching and working out in the industry themselves. They will aim to give you an insight into a range of different topics ranging from the basics to more advanced aspects of the trade. The course will also provide an understanding of the Health & Safety requirements governing electrical installation processes, and knowledge of the organisation and structure of the electrical industry within which these activities are carried out. Upon completion of this course following the relevant exams you will achieve the exact same industry-recognised qualifications, just as you would on our traditional training options.


What other courses are available online?


If you are beginning your journey towards becoming an electrician both our Home-Study Level 2 & Home-Study Level 3 courses will act as a perfect starting point for a successful career. Additionally, we are currently  working to be able to present other courses remotely such as 18th Edition courses. The 18th Edition also known as the latest edition of the wiring regulations are a set of guidelines to ensure the safety of electricians themselves and the public whilst working with electrical installations - They also act as an industry standard for installations and are kept updated with changes in technology and the way that people interact with electrics. Traditionally we teach this theory-based course over 3-days in a classroom setting, the online version would be taught over Zoom Video Communications.


How do I get started?


As soon as you book one of our Home-Study electrical options we will prepare and send you all you'll need. To book the course you can either give us a call over the phone on 0808 100 3245 - This is the most direct way to communicate with us, we can answer any questions and process your booking this way. Alternatively you can secure your place on the course online, simply take a look through our website or follow any of the links throughout this article. On each course page you will notice a green button 'Reserve your Space' which is where you can fill in your details and being your journey! Take a look below at the online booking form for our City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical course, the perfect starting point for any aspiring electrician...




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For more information on our range of Electrician courses you can contact us on 0808 100 3245 - We are happy to answer any additional questions you have on the topic of Online courses, how to become an electrician and generally gain some advice on becoming a professional electrician as well as take bookings. Our phone lines are open constantly and our team is here to answer your calls 7-days-week between the hours of 8:30 -16:30! You are also welcome to ask us any questions through our email address at [email protected]


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