Over the past year we have seen the carpentry industry boom with hundreds of student training at our centre in Dartford. Our range of carpentry courses have been getting students industry ready to go out and work as Carpenters.

The reasons for the increase in demand for carpentry courses is due to the demand for skilled workers across building sites in the UK. New housing estate are popping up everywhere and especially within the South East of England, with all areas having new houses built to help ease the housing crisis. More houses being built means more work for construction workers and in particular Carpenters. The need for skilled workers has been putting strain on big construction companies to be able to get big contracts. Here at Able Skills we have been seeing a huge demand for all courses especially carpentry.

Carpenters are usually the first and last people on a building site. All you have to do is look at all new build houses and see the hard work Carpenters put into work and preparing the new builds on the outside and in. Therefore, the demand for skilled Carpenters is extremely high and our carpentry courses have been seeing exactly this.

Every week we are seeing more and more students come to our centre to gain industry recognised qualifications in the carpentry industry and so much so, we are currently fully booked for the summer already and all our carpentry packages. Being a City & Guilds Accredited Centre, it allows us to offer the best qualifications in both carpentry and joinery, as well as combined packages of various levels and NVQs.

From short introduction courses to longer City & Guilds qualifications and NVQs we have the full offering of carpentry and joinery courses. Because of the past few years popularity of these courses has been huge, and therefore we have recently added a new instructor up in our centre to add to the fantastic teaching already on offer.

You can see all our Carpentry and Joinery Courses here:

With Carpenters in high demand across all building sites in the South East, it is the perfect time to get training and get working. Jobs are available, and we regularly have companies calling in and asking for Carpenters for building sites across the UK.

If you are interested in a new career as a Carpenter, then contact us today on 0808 100 3245 for more information on how to get started.

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