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Chester mum joins husband in new decorating business

A Chester mum has started up a new decorating business with her husband, through which they provide both a range of top-rate decorating supplies and materials and the craftsmanship needed to put them up.

Victoria Harris had been out of work for nearly seven years, after suffering depression when she and husband, Mike, lost twin babies in 2004.

Victoria told the Chester Chronicle that she wanted to get back into work but also wanted to repay Mike for the stoic support he showed her throughout their bereavement.

“My husband has always been a self-employed painter and decorator and supported us financially through the years by himself but I decided recently that I could face going back to work but not to the sales/admin role I had done before,” said 32-year-old Victoria. “The recent recession has made it very difficult for him to get work so I came up with the idea that I would sell wallpaper and paint supplies from the best in the market.”

Victoria set up Dee Décor in Stanley and is using the shop as a point of purchase for decorating materials, and to advertise Mike as a painter and decorator.