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Electrical Courses at Able Skills

Nothing screams flexible learning more than our Home Study Electrical Courses! Our aim is to help everyone train towards a career that suits them whatever their circumstances, whatever their previous job and whatever they aspire to be! Our Home Study learning options have proved to be very popular when we first introduced them and they continue to grow! Today we'll speak more on the advantages of going down the Home Study route..

Pick Your Own Weeks!

Yes you read that right. A major perk of choosing one of our Home Study Electrical Courses is the fact that you pick and choose when you want to come in to learn the practical aspect of the course. It's down to you to get the theory part done which will be tested in our exam room whenever you're ready! This means learning at your own pace and should you have any questions, you're more than welcome to ask your given electrical instructor as many questions as you like!

Learn As You Earn Around Your Working Life

Rather than a full time Electrical Course, our Home Study Electrical Courses allow you to train towards a new career around your existing job. Again, as opposed to training full time, you can still keep your current job and keep that important money coming in to see you on to the next week! This leads onto our next point...

...And That's Flexible Payments

home study electrical coursesYou don't have to pay up front! All we ask for is a deposit to secure your place and you can pay the remaining balance in weekly installments, as and when you train! This ties in with our previous point as working full time and being able to pay as you train makes learning towards a brighter future that much easier!

Pick Between The Level 2 & 3!

You have the choice to select between the City & Guilds Accredited Level 2 and the City & Guilds Accredited Level 3 Electrical Courses. Both are available to students on a Home Study option which come with both theoretical and practical exams.

If you want to find out more about our Home Study Electrical Courses please click here to reserve your space now!