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Choosing a career in construction

A career in construction can be extremely rewarding, not only in the sense that it provides a regular, reliable income, but that it also keeps the mind and body active and is a fulfilling career for those that like to take on a project. However, choosing the right trade to suit you can be tricky. Not all construction jobs are the same; some are more logic-based whereas others are more hands-on.

Therefore, undertaking a few courses can help a person decide what construction career to pursue. Traditional trades are still very popular, so many people choose to take carpentry courses or courses in painting and decorating. People who have an artistic nature or a good mind for design and colours are better suited to such trades.

If you find you have good problem-solving skills and have good handiwork with intricate tasks, then you may find yourself better suited to a trade such as electrics or plumbing, which also involves heating and engineering.

People who are quite physically fit and can work happily outdoors in all weathers may choose to go into bricklaying, which can also involve large-scale projects and landscape gardening. This job usually involves heavy lifting and good hand-to-eye coordination.

A relatively new construction field is that of solar panels and other renewable energy installations. Renewable energy courses can be taken by those who want to learn more about this up-and-coming trade.