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Considered Wiring Your Own House?

Well you could be learning how to do so with Part P Course training at Able Skills! Amongst all of our Electrical Courses and Electrician Training, we provide courses like the Domestic Electrical Installer Course for those who are interested in working within a domestic dwelling.

Recent news indicates the amount of incidents surrounding faulty wiring. These stories include the tragedy that was Grenfell Tower, electrical fires throughout the country and even the government changing laws to saying that rented property MUST LEGALLY undergo an electrical safety inspection on a regular basis.

All of these situations relate to working within a domestic dwelling and the demand for such trade is reflected in the students captured above! Students here are seen undergoing their Advanced Domestic Electrical Course in one of our IET Centres of Excellence here at Able Skills.

An Electrical Course like this covers the following areas:

  • Course 1 - C&G 4555 - Introduction to Domestic Electrical Installation and Understanding Electrical Installation and Applicable Building Regulations: 10 Days
  • Course 2 – C&G 2382-18 (18th Edition): 3 Days
  • Course 3 – C&G 2377-22 – Portable Appliance (PAT) Testing - 2 Days
  • Course 4 – C&G 2392-10 Level 2 Certificate in Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification
  • Course 5 – C&G 2391-50: Level 3 Award in the Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations: 5 Days
electrical courses Able Skills Electrical Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

To give you an idea of the type of figures we're talking about when we say electrical incidents, Electrical Safety First reported that in recent years, there was as many as 1380 fatalities and injuries caused by electrical fires alone!

Now that's pretty disturbing and all at the hands of faulty wiring! If you work within the electrical industry or are considering doing so, then you know about the problems associated with the trade.

If you finally want to take the initial steps to becoming a qualified Domestic Installer, then please see our Electrical Courses here!