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Construction wages could double!

Construction Wages could double as more workers are needed to cope with preditced workload!

Some workers within the construction industry could see their wages double as the industry is faced with a ‘skills gulf’. Construction wages have risen recently due to the skills shortage and in some areas workers could see their wages double.

Recent research has shown that the construction industry will need to recruit around 400,000 new workers each year from now until 2021 due to the high levels of predicted workloads. More workers will be needed across the industry to make sure they can deal with the increased workloads.

Workers are needed across all the major trades with carpenters and joiners in greatest demand. Also, plumbers, electricians and bricklayers are also in high demand across the industry, this is due to the increase in the housebuilding sector.

It has been said that new talent is needed within all trades of the construction industry to make sure the UK meets their housebuilding targets.

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Construction Wages could double due to a 'skills gulf' Construction Wages could double due to a 'skills gulf'

How we can help

At Able Skills, we are able to help with the demand for new workers as we are training hundreds of students each year across eight different trades.

We offer various courses from electrical courses to bricklaying courses. Each trade we offer training in allows our students to get the training and qualifications they need to start working in their chosen trades.

Whether you want to become a Plumber, Carpenter, or Plasterer, we have the City & Guilds standard courses available for you to get the qualifications you need. We also offer NVQ training and site assessments for students looking to gain an NVQ.

If it is a new career you are seeking, then why not learn a trade, and start working. Our most popular trade is electrical as many people take our electrical courses to become fully qualified electricians.

With construction wages almost doubling, why would you not start a new career?

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