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Could more people take plumbing courses to 'upskill'?

'Upskilling' has been identified as a valuable strategy in the modern jobs market and could mean more demand for plumbing courses.

Sarah Clover, spokesperson for, suggested people who add to their knowledge base will put themselves in a better position if they are suddenly out of a job.

In her opinion, individuals that undertake professional training qualifications - such as plumbing courses - may also be seen in a more favourable light at work, since bosses may view them as good value for money.

"Upskilling is always important if you want to progress, but the current economic climate and related increase in competition in the job market makes it imperative," added Ms Clover.

She claimed people increase their available options by boasting a consistently expanding skill set.

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics indicated the employment rate fell by 0.1 per cent in the three months leading up to October 2010.

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