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Could renewable energy courses be in demand on Isle of Man

Demand for renewable energy courses may currently be high on the Isle of Man after a local environmental group suggested the island could become self-reliant in terms of electricity.

A spokesperson from the area's local Friends of the Earth organisation claimed there are "sound economic reasons" for the UK destination to stop being dependent on external power sources, according to BBC News.

The news provider highlighted how the Isle of Man is hoping to take 15 per cent of its power needs from green sources by 2015.

Interest in renewable energy courses could be rising on the island, as it looks to combat the impact of increasing electricity prices, with costs due to go up on February 17th.

"Unless we become less dependent on imported energy the fuel poor will be much more vulnerable to substantial price inflation in the future," the Friends of the Earth representative was quoted as saying.

This month, Belfast Harbour in Northern Ireland announced that it intends to spend