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Get a CSCS Card with a Plastering NVQ!

cscs plasteringWhen working on a building site as a ‘skilled’ tradesman/woman you will need to have the correct qualifications and documentation to prove you are skilled and qualified in the trade you wish to work in. The most vital part of documentation you need is the CSCS Skilled workers card and for those looking to work as a Plasterer they will need to achieve a Plastering NVQ to be able to gain a CSCS Card as a skilled Plasterer.

Whether you are looking at becoming a Plasterer for the first time or you are a time-served Plasterer, here at Able Skills we have a variation of routes to an NVQ in Plastering.

To begin with we have the full NVQ Level 2 Plastering Course that will be build a complete new entrant into a fully qualified Plasterer at completion of the course. It is an eight-week practical course here at our centre followed by on-site assessments carried out by our NVQ assessors here at Able Skills. This will allow you to gain the NVQ qualification you need to access a CSCS Skilled Workers Card that will allow you to gain work on-site.

We also have two different routes to get NVQ qualified for time-served Plasterers. Firstly, we have the OSAT Route for students that have been working as a Plasterer for less than 5 years. They will have several on-site assessments from our NVQ assessors to see if they are competent in their plastering skills. To be able to qualify for this route the student will need to be working in a plastering role.

The next route is our EWPA Route, this is for Plasterers that have been working in the industry for 5 or more years but don’t have the right qualifications to get them a CSCS Card. This begins with a profiling session in our centre with our NVQ assessor and the followed by a 2-day assessment in our centre. This is becoming a very popular route because skilled workers that have worked in the industry for their whole life but never gained the qualifications now need to qualifications because they need a CSCS Card to gain access to site work.

These routes are perfectly structured to give you everything you need in order to gain a NVQ in Plastering. Whether it is a new career or an upgrade of your qualifications, we offer it all, along with these options in all the construction trades.

If you want some more information on our NVQ routes, please contact us on 0808 100 3245.