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Danny is in need of a career change...

Most students at Able Skills will be looking to train in one particular trade, however, Danny has other ideas and wants to complete multiple courses in the search for a new career.


Danny came to Able Skills with the idea of wanting a complete career change, his current career path had become very boring and Danny felt now was the best time to change. However, he didn’t just choose one trade to train up in, he has chosen five different courses to take in a bid to start working within the construction industry.

Only recently has Danny completed his two weeks of plastering, his initial intentions was to do the plastering and see where he gets. As soon as he saw the other training courses in full swing he thought Able Skills was the best place to come and learn a couple of trades.

He has been very happy with the way the Able Skills office staff have helped him choose and book his remaining courses to allow him to get highly skilled in a number of trades. He was shown around all of our training centres during his lunch break on his first day and this is when he started to get an idea of what courses he wanted to complete in the future.

After two weeks of plastering training, Danny was very happy with what he had learnt in those two weeks. He is now booked and ready to complete courses in tiling, kitchen fitting, plumbing and gas. He is also thinking about doing the plumbing level 2 course, so he can become a qualified plumber which will add to his new set of skills.

Here is Danny working hard as he goes looking for a career change. Here is Danny working hard as he goes looking for a career change.

Danny is looking to start working with his brother within the industries and he will be well on his way to this after his courses and his new skills that he would have gained whilst at Able Skills.

We would like to wish Danny the best of luck for the remainder of his courses and for his future in the construction industry.

If you are desperate for a career change like Danny, then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01322 280202.