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Decorating Courses: New careers for our students!

Decorating courses at Able Skills are a popular option to take and lots of students will take one of our courses for a various number of reasons.


Some will take a shorter course just because they are looking for some basic skills and knowledge for personal projects. Other students will be looking to start a new career in the industry with our decorating courses.

Our painting and decorating instructor, Mark is extremely popular amongst his students and they always have fantastic things to say about his teaching methods. He works tirelessly to make sure each one of his students are receiving the best possible training during their time at Able Skills.

We offer a variation of different decorating courses here at our centre in Dartford from short courses to qualification courses. A beginner’s course that we offer over a five day week or over two weekends is the perfect way to gain some basic skills for personal projects. Such as, decorating in time for Christmas. We also offer a five day wallpapering course that is tailored for the people that are looking for a more specific skill.

The most popular course that we offer is the City & Guilds Painting & Decorating course. This allows people who are looking to start a new career as a Decorator to get all the training and the qualification they need to begin their new career. A lot of our students will begin with the five day course and enjoy it so much that they upgrade to the full City & Guilds course. We also offer NVQ qualifications and training.

This week our decorating centre has been very busy and full of very excited students. We have spoken to a few of them to find out why they decided to go for our decorating courses.

Shawnie & James

Shawnie and James had both previously been working in hospitality but knew it was time for a change and they decided they wanted to become Painters & Decorators. James had previously completed a few courses at Able Skills so there was no doubt in his mind that they would be returning together. They have just completed their first week of their City & Guilds Painting & Decorating course and they were full of praise for the organisation of the course and their instructor Mark.

They have already got their new career planned out and well organised. There new Painting & Decorating business is going well already before it has full begun with work coming their way from friends and family.

Shawnie and James are really enjoying their decorating courses so far! Shawnie and James are really enjoying their decorating courses so far!
James James hard at work during his decorating course.


Initially Laura began with booking the introduction course but after a few days this week she knew she wanted to upgrade to the five week City & Guilds course. Laura currently works in Interior Design, however she plans to take it one step further with a setting up a new business where she does the interior designing and the decorating. Eventually she plans to be able to employ more people and train them to become Decorators for her business.

Laura plans to spread out her course with a mixture of full time weeks and weekends so that she is able to fit the course around her everyday life. She has really enjoyed the course so far and has learnt so much in just five days.

Interior Designing, Laura has just upgraded to the City & Guilds Painting & Decorating course. Interior Designer, Laura has just upgraded to the City & Guilds Painting & Decorating course.


Steve was sent all the way from Manchester by his company to take the five day introduction course. He has been doing a bit of everything from all construction trades and he is now gaining some more skills with us at Able Skills. After this has finished he is hoping to upgrade and complete the City & Guilds course. He has even considered doing a plastering course with us.


David is another student that has taken the City & Guilds course with us and he plans to use his skills in a house he is renovating. He isn’t planning to use his new qualification for a career change, however, it is something he has always wanted to do and he is enjoying it so far.

David has always wanted to learn how to decorate and he is now doing with a house renvoation on its way. David has always wanted to learn how to decorate and he is now doing with a house renovation on its way.


If you are interested in taking one of many decorating courses at Able Skills, please contact us on 01322 280202 and we will be able to give you all the information you need.