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Decorators are very popular at the moment

As summer is almost here, more and more people are deciding now is the time to get their homes decorated and give it a fresher look before the sun is out.

This has opened up an opportunity for painters and decorators to gain more work this summer. Overall, Decorators have been very popular recently as people are starting to pay people to do their decorating work rather than spending their own time doing it.

It has made it a great opportunity for people to begin a career in the decorating industry, as the work is available for them to have a successful career.

At Able Skills we have seen a rise in the popularity of our painting and decorating courses and this is massively down to the demand for Painters and Decorators right now. People who are on the search for new careers have seen the gap within the industry and they are now starting to get trained up to give their new career the best possibly start.

Three of our current students have seen the demand in the industry and they have decided to make a change and have started painting and decorating courses.

Tom is the first of the three students and he had previously done plumbing and decorating work, but he never was properly trained as a Decorator so he thought it was the best chance to get some qualifications. His main reason for doing our five week course was because he had been offered lots of decorating work that he couldn't turn down.

Roy was retired but his friend is a Decorator and with his sales background he thought he would be able to help him gain more customers. However, with a lack of knowledge in the decorating field, he thought a one week course will enable him to help in more ways than just sales.

Catherine is the final student we spoke to and she has also done some painting and decorating work which she has been doing for two months now, but she wanted to get some wallpapering skills. She had previously worked a normal 9-5 job, but saw the chance for a change and now she is really enjoying her new career and he five day wallpapering course.

All three students really praised our instructor, Mark's knowledge and they have really enjoyed the start of their courses and feel they have learnt loads already.

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