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Demand for plumbing courses could increase after the summer

There may be greater interest in plumbing courses when the summer is over, as people may have a more positive attitude towards home improvement, according to one source.

Andrew Leech, director at the National Home Improvement Council, suggested that it is currently the right time for individuals to make changes, since they have plenty of time to fix any issues before winter starts.

He claimed that people may soon be taking a more proactive approach to their bathrooms and kitchens, which could mean that they require plumbing courses.

"Once we get the summer over and once we get the government more settled in ... then people will be taking a more positive attitude towards their properties," he remarked.

However, he noted that there may be a slow progression with regards to consumption levels in the sector.

His comments follow research by GfK Retail and Technology UK, which indicated that the DIY and gardening market was worth ?