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DIY Hacks of The Week: Portable Swings & Magnetic BBQs

Not sure what to do with your afternoon off? Whether you’re looking for a quick DIY job, or a long term project, we’ve collected a great selection of projects for you to make and do this summer. Whether you’re a big BBQ fan or like to be clever and electrical, here are some fun ideas you can get stuck into this week. Let’s…

  • Make BBQ utensils magnetic
  • Control your friends with neuroscience
  • Build a portable swing you can set up anywhere

1. Make Your BBQ Utensils Magnetic

The sun is out, the beers are open and the BBQ is smelling heavenly. The last thing you want is tongs, spatulas and spoons cluttering up your area or greasily hitting the deck. This ingeniously simple hack will keep all of your BBQ tools exactly where you want them. The Instructable recommends a product called Sugru to create your magnets, but we’ll warrant that there are alternative options out there.

Which materials would you use to complete this project? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Control Your Friends with Neuroscience

If you’ve ever thought it would be pretty cool to be an evil genius (ideally with an underwater lair) this DIY project is most definitely for you. It’s a fascinating experiment-come-party trick which uses electrical pluses to hijack your nearest and dearest’s neuromuscular junction – but don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, and cool!

You’ll need a little electrical know-how to put this very cool contraption together. But, if you’ve ever thought nostalgically back to the days of school science projects, this DIY experiment is going to keep you happily occupied for days.

3. Build a Portable Swing

Whether you’re family-oriented or simply young at heart, this awesome how to will make your picnics and adventures even better. This clever swing can be easily taken down, folded up and set up on a totally new tree, wherever you roam! Perfect for long lazy picnics and keeping the kids entertains, this contraption is a perfect, summery DIY project.

Which materials would you use to make BBQ equipment magnetic? What is the best swing you’ve ever made? Share your thoughts with other crafty sorts below.