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Do you have the right decorating qualifications?

Lots of people love to have a go at some DIY in their own homes and the most popular job is the home decorating. However, have you ever considered that you haven’t completed some jobs as well as you would have liked to?

DIY decorating is very common in the UK and most people think it is one of the easiest trades to do and that they don’t need any training. The students and instructors at Able Skills will no doubt tell you differently. To get the perfect finish on various types of decorating, there are techniques and skills need to make sure the job is completed to a good level.

Painters and Decorators have been to Able Skills as they believe that they can still get more skills and they end up leaving with a lot more skills than they had originally and also they leave with a proper qualification.

Here is one Painting & Decorating student that is getting some wallpapering skills. Here is one Painting & Decorating student that is getting some wallpapering skills.

Our courses will suit all types of people with different goals. If someone is looking to get some skills to be able to paint their house, we have a short five day course that offers basic training in painting & decorating. However, if you are looking to begin a career as a Painter & Decorator we have a five week City & Guilds course where you can also complete the NVQ after the five weeks.

We also offer a five day wallpapering course for people that are looking for training in just wallpapering. This is very popular for Decorators that don’t have the skills to complete wallpapering, so this allows them to offer more work. The wallpapering course is also good for beginners that are just wanting skills in wallpapering.

Bring out your creative side and start a new career as a Decorator and get some valuable training at Able Skills and you will gain some tips of the trade and a great qualification.

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