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Dry Lining Courses at Able Skills

dry liningWe are now offering Dry Lining Courses here at Able Skills in our plastering centre. A demand for the dry lining courses means we are now looking to add to our wide range of plastering courses and add the dry lining programme within our centre.

It is a five-day course going over everything needed when completing dry lining work. With lots of new build houses involving a lot of plastering work, dry lining is becoming a vital part of the work going on.

During the 5-day course here is what you will learn:

  • Health and safety, protective equipment, tools of the trade, safe and correct use of tools
  • To measure and cut plasterboard to size
  • Apply plasterboard to stud walls, window and door returns and internal and external angles
  • 'dot and dab' method: direct bonding of plasterboard to brickwork and block work
  • Tape internal, external and flush joints
  • Apply beads to external angles
  • Joint filler and joint cement
  • Hand jointing techniques to all joints leaving a smooth finish
  • Sanding down and sealing for decoration

We range our plastering courses from short basic courses to longer qualification courses that will enable our students to get fully qualified as a Plasterer. Our range of courses means we get students off all levels looking to get the skills they need for several different reasons. Our City & Guilds Courses allow our students to gain industry and worldwide recognised plastering qualifications, therefore giving them the best possible start in their new careers.

If you have been looking for a Dry Lining course, then come down to us at Able Skills and ask any questions you may have, as well as looking around our centre. No appointment us needed, just pop down and we will be more than happy to show you around and answer your questions. You can also contact us 7 days a week on 0808 100 3245 for more information.