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Electric Cars could really rev-up renewables

The Department for Transport's indicated that it's keen on rolling out a network of electric car charge points - a move that could create thousands more jobs for skilled solar, electric and renewable contractors. Train now and make sure you're in the front seat for the rev in renewables with our electric, renewable and solar PV training courses.If you're looking to train or retrain in renewables, you could be set to benefit from a turn to electric motoring as the government's said to be thinking about rolling electric car charge points across the country, creating more jobs for skilled solar, electric and renewable engineers.Officials at The Department of Transport apparently let slip that they'd like to roll out a network while announcing the launch of a new database that will help green-minded motorists find electric car charge points.Currently, officials estimate that there are around 2,500 chargepoints in the country. However, they would like to see at least 10,000 brought into service by 2013.Meaning there could be lots more work for skilled engineers who can install the charge points, as well as opportunities for tradesmen who can maintain and repair the renewable technology that powers-up the plugs.As electric cars are seen as a new greener form of motoring, many chargepoint operators are keen to emphasise their green credentials by using renewable energy sources - especially solar photovoltaic systems.So solar PV engineers could especially benefit.In fact, ChargePoint Services Ltd, who operate a network of charging points in Welcome Break service stations, have gone so far as to ensure that they only supply customers with electricity from renewable sources.All in all, things are looking decidedly sunny for PV specialists - especially as more home owners are expected to install solar panels and solar PV systems as part of the Green Deal.Are you thinking of training as an electrician or as a solar PV engineer? Would you like to help the UK become a cleaner, greener country?Find out more about our electrical courses, renewable courses and solar courses now.