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Electrical 2330 Training - open door to your new career!

The current economic climate may mean you are looking to improve your everyday work prospects. Skilled knowledge is a valuable commodity at any time and the electrical industry always has a shortage of trained and qualified personnel in both domestic and commercial sectors. Even if you have no previous knowledge or practical experience, you can start training to be an electrician immediately and can be on your new career path within a few short months.The City and Guilds 2330 Certificate in Electrotechnology is the industry standard recognised training course that you can enrol for straightaway at required entry Level 2.There are very good reasons indeed why you should take the 2330 Course! If you want to get proper electrical training, you need to get the right qualifications! Once you have completed all the course units necessary to qualify as an electrician, you have a solid knowledge foundation to build upon and progress your career further. In other words, a job with a future!The approved and accredited City & Guilds training schedule at AbleSkills is a progressive structure that offers to take you through all the necessary knowledge and practical training modules, starting at Level 2 and onto NVQ level 3. You also have the opportunity to train at other mandatory ability areas , such as the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations ( 2382).Once qualified, the world of work and building up of your experience beckons! From residential and domestic projects, working on electrical installation in commercial building sites of any size or open your own business after successfully completing your electrical qualification courses. With add on specific training, you could also work in a number of specialised electrical occupations from electrical machine rewind and repair, panel building, highway electrical systems and installing instrumentation equipment.At AbleSkills, Level 2 of the City and Guilds 2330 course is conducted in its own dedicated classroom complex with each student fully equipped with all the necessary equipment in their own training areas.Subject areas covered will include health and safety, basic electrical principles such as resistance, relativity, and Ohms law, a.c. theory, polyphase systems, short circuits, earthing, installation techniques, specifications, and regulations.Advancing to Level 3 of the 2330 Course will take each topic and examine it in more depth, some subjects being tested separately, and a written examination on inspections and testing, along with a practical assessment.Gaining your electrical qualifications for City and Guilds 2330 levels 2 and 3 ensures that both theory and the practical hands-on knowledge gained during your course training means you are competent and gives you a solid springboard to confidently enter the electrical industry.