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Electrical courses may help people's employability

The skills gained from training such as electrical courses could be important in boosting a person's employability, according to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

Adam Marshall, director of policy at the industry body, claimed that there has been a "mismatch" in the skills needed by firms and what people actually have to offer.

In his view, it is vital for UK workers to gain the expertise and knowledge that companies require, which could involve signing up to electrical courses.

"Employers want the public sector to focus limited resources on basic employability skills, focused apprenticeships and the leadership and management skills needed to help grow small businesses," explained Mr Marshall.

He stressed that getting the right level of expertise in each industry is a fundamental building block of a strong economy and could encourage growth in productivity and recruitment, as well as tax received by the government.

This week, BCC director general David Frost named skills as one of the key growth areas that the government should focus on with its spending.

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