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Electrical Courses - Renewable Technology, Renewable Career!

Did you know that the entire electrical market now accounts for 3 per cent of the UK's Gross National Product ? The complete dependence on electricity and the electrical industry for just about every appliance and working system that humans use increases all the time through to the latest development of renewables technology for example, Solar photovoltaics, driving the emission reduction, energy efficiency economy.Even with the present uncertainties being faced by ongoing public sector cutbacks, the country's infrastructure will always depend on the skills and knowledge of trained electricians for the installing, maintaining and testing of electrical systems, equipment and appliances in both domestic and commercial premises.Electrical installation is one employment area that is constantly announcing fresh initiatives for the implementation of either government, local authority or private schemes to install green energy systems in the effort to reduce the nation's collective carbon footprint.Retraining as an electrician is probably now one of the most surest career paths to take, and for those individuals at a crossroads in their working life, undertaking to study and qualify on approved electrical courses should be viewed as a landmark opportunity. Irrespective of previous knowledge, experience or skills, the right accredited skills trainer will provide the necessary learning and practical training necessary to become an industry-ready competent electrician.It's worth knowing that whilst many electricians are employed by big companies on regular eight hour week day shifts, earning an average wage of between 24K and 29K a year, a self-employed electrician serving the domestic market can expect to earn much more, but being more flexible in their working hours.In the UK, the two recognised and approved relevant trade certification boards are EAL and City & Guilds in a variety of different course lengths, from weeks to months, and some condensed into intensive courses, or even weekend courses, aimed to accommodate those with special time and work commitments.The City & Guilds NVQ Electrical 2330 Level 2 course, is the required introduction to all the necessary comprehensive knowledge and required practical skills before proceeding on to Electrical NVQ Level 3 in order to be considered industry ready.Both levels 2 and 3 can be taken in one complete course plus courses can be taken which incorporate many additional knowledge areas such as Part P, the EU Building Regulations qualification, ?