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It's been two years since the death of professor John Alliston who was sadly electrocuted to death after simply gardening. The terrible fatality turned the public's eyes towards electrical safety which is something that has gained a lot of attention especially since the tragedy of Grenfell Tower.

Being a huge aspect of Electrician Training, it's essential that the electricians of tomorrow minimise absolutely every risk of there being any electrical hazards. This is implemented through a number of things which all begin with training through various Electrical Courses including the 18th Edition.

Given the amount of fatalities and hazards associated with the area, you can imagine the uproar when the court heard that the rented property Professor John Alliston died in hadn't had an electrical safety check... It turned out that a heating element which was defective had conducted electricity to pipes connected to the boiler which hadn't been earthed.

Even though the death was classed as accidental by the court, it was still apparent that the tragedy occurred due to a lack of residual current protection. As you would imagine, this has lead to an electrical safety campaign group calling upon the government to introduce planned legislation checks in private rented housing.

But When?

Well the Government introduced strict rules in January this year! They announced that mandatory electrical safety checks need to be carried out every 5 years on every privately rented property in England.

According to the electrical trade magazine, the legislation will be introduced in a two-year phasing period, with the start of which being yet to be confirmed.

Phil Buckle, Chief Executive at Electrical Safety First, had a few words to say:

“The Government’s decision to commit to introducing mandatory electrical safety checks in the private rented sector – after years of campaigning by Electrical Safety First – was a welcome step in improving the safety of private tenants in England.

The recent, tragic death of Professor Alliston, who died of electrocution in the garden of his rented property, illustrates the importance of this essential safety requirement.

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Electrical Safety First is extremely concerned that the Government has not yet provided a time-scale to implement these checks, particularly since it announced its intention of doing so last year.

It is essential that the Government provides clarity in relation to electrical inspections in the private rented sector, both in terms of timeline and how these inspections will be enforced.

We also want to emphasise the importance of ensuring that the enforcement body is funded sufficiently to undertake its work effectively and the importance of using a competent, qualified and registered electrician to undertake such checks.”

Why is it that when fatalities occur, that's the only time people begin to take things like electrical safety seriously? Prevention is better than cure and that's why Electrician Training and Electrical Courses like the 18th Edition are there in the first place to safe guard the public from accidents happening in the first place.