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Electrical Home Study Level 2 & 3

To take on one of our many electrical courses, a lot of commitment is required as it’s a full time course. Obviously, not everyone can commit to six weeks straight studying, as they may have work or families. At Able Skills we offer the Electrical Home Study course, which makes it much easier for people to study and continue with their everyday lives.

We also have a Home Study course for Level 2 & Level 3. The Level 2 course is a perfect starting point for any one that is aspiring to be an electrician and Level 3 is the next step for anyone who has already gained their Level 2.

We pride ourselves in giving our students the best training so that they’re ready to go out into the real world with the right skills and qualifications they need. By offering a home study option, it means that they will be still getting our specialist training around their everyday life. This course has proved to be extremely popular amongst our students, with more and more now opting for this pathway.

Home Study Electrics Level 2

During the Level 2 course you will have four units that you will need to prepare at home for online exams. These will be undertaken at the centre when you feel that you’re ready to complete them.

The four units are:

  • Unit 501 – Health and Safety in building services engineering
  • Unit 202 – Principles of Electrical Science
  • Unit 203 – Electrical Installations Technology
  • Unit 210 – Understand how to communicate with others within building services engineering

You will then complete two practical units here at the Able Skills centre, which are:

  • Unit 201 - Health and Safety in building services engineering
  • Unit 204 - Installation of wiring systems and enclosures

The Unit 201 will be completed over the first week and for the remainder of your practical training you will be preparing for you assessment for the Unit 204. The assessments lasts for two and a half days.

Home Study Electrics Level 3

This course is completed after the Level 2 to further your knowledge and qualifications. It’s also mandatory if you are looking to go on and gain an NVQ qualification. There are six theory units involved in this course, which are:

  • Unit 301: Understand the fundamental principles and requirements of environmental technology systems
  • Unit 302: Principles of Electrical Science
  • Unit 303: Electrical installations: Fault diagnosis and rectification
  • Unit 304: Electrical Installations: Inspection, Testing and Commissioning
  • Unit 305: Electrical Systems Design
  • Unit 308: Career awareness in building services engineering

For the practical part of the course we have allocated ten days to cover all aspects of the City & Guilds 2365 Level 3 course.

electrical home study - main image Here is Daren in his 2nd week of his Home Study practical.

This is the perfect course if you’re looking to have flexibility around your training. That’s exactly what current student Daren tells us. Daren is currently half way through his Level 2 Home study. He says that it is much easier to complete his theory training at home because it means he’s able to go at his own pace and organise his learning around his everyday life. So far Daren has completed his Unit 201 and 210. We wish Daren good luck for the rest of his course.

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