The Level 3 Electrical course is a natural progression from The Level 2 Electrical course. It allows new Electricians to further their knowledge and to become more qualified.


However, if you already hold a Level 2 Electrical qualification and have started working in the industry and you can’t find the time to commit to a Level 3 course then at Able Skills we can help!

We have a home study option that allows you to complete all theory work at home in your own time and then you can book in for four weeks of practical training. These weeks are able to be broken up into one or two week blocks to allow you to fit it in with your new work.

Many people may find that it is very hard work to complete Level 2 and 3 in one go, so a lot of new Electricians will go out and start working and then come back in a few weeks or months to complete their Level 3. The home study option is perfect for this as it allows those workers, who have a lot of work or need to work more to pay for the course, to complete the course whilst continuing to work, earning money and gaining experience. The ability to complete all theory work in the comfort of their own homes is a huge plus because it means while they are working and earning, they are also furthering their qualifications and knowledge.


Here is one student carrying out some testing during his Level 3 Electrical Home Study course.

At Able Skills we have all Electrical courses from Domestic Installer courses, all the way to final AM2 assessments. So you are able to start and finish your electrical training with us, we will also help assess you during your on-site assessments, so you can leave Able Skills as a fully qualified Electrician.

If you are currently working in the industry with just the Level 2 qualification, come down to Able Skills and get your Level 3 qualification through the Home Study option. It doesn’t require you to take a huge chunk of time off work and you are able to complete the theory work whenever and wherever you want. Once you feel you are ready you can start booking in your practical training weeks, the four weeks in total will involve practical assessments and exams to help you achieve the Level 3 qualification.

Please contact us today if you are interested in the Home Study course and we will get you booked in and send you out your home study pack so you can get started straight away. All you have to do is contact us on: 01322 280202