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Electrician Training - Students coming back for more!

electrician trainingAny training we receive should always help us progress towards our goal. Being no different is the Electrician Training we offer on our Electrician Courses which is renowned for providing exceptional hands on experience.

Learning theory is one thing, but being able to apply such knowledge practically can prove to be an entirely different story. It was this challenge of the course that David Truman warmly welcomed as his previous 20 years within Banking offered a completely different side to what the electrical industry is currently showing him.

Banking to seeking Electrician Training? Such transition isn't something we hear everyday. But when asked about the change in careers, David said 'I gave it up to learn a trade I haven't learnt before'. Currently studying on the City & Guilds accredited Level 2 Electrical Course, David said he was overwhelmed by the tuition he has received so far.

Electrical instructor Andy holds a great amount of knowledge when it comes to the trade and has seen many students of his progress onto further courses, and more importantly, get the jobs they're after and even work for themselves.

When speaking to David, he immediately stated that it was Andy who stood out to him the most about the course. Describing his teaching methods as 'exceptional' he went on to say

I was massively impressed by his patience and his ability to teach all of us knowing we have all come from different backgrounds. Coming from banking I was nervous about the practical side of things, but thanks to Andy I'm now looking forward to my practical assessment next week'

electrician trainingTeaching those who have come from a background such as banking shows the different levels of experience we are able to help develop into confident electricians. With his assessment just next week, David has already booked his Level 3 Electrical Course for just 2 weeks time!

So David, did it live up to your expectations? 'Absolutely'Good to hear! We wish you the best of luck in your assessment and can't wait to see you back for your Level 3!

The City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course is designed to take those who don't necessarily hold any previous experience within the trade and making them competent enough work on site and start earning straight away.

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