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Electrician volunteers expertise to help Chad charity

A former avionic engineer, who retained as an electrician ten years ago, has been volunteering his skills to help a charity in Africa.

Salisbury-based Nigel Harrison flew to Chad in Africa earlier this month to volunteer at a charity called the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). The charity provides valuable aid solutions to 2,500 isolated communities in 30 developing countries all over the globe.

He heard reports that the charity’s Chad programme was being affected by fires that were breaking out due to electrical faults. MAF agreed to pay for Mr Harrison’s transport to get to Chad, where he will volunteer his skills as an electrician to help fix the problems in the charity’s aircraft hangar and in its staff accommodation. He hopes that by making the journey and offering his expertise, he will be able to keep the Chad base operational.

Although MAF has offered to cover his costs, Mr Harrison and his wife worked hard to raise a target of