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Ria Undergoing Electrician Training

This is one for all those out there who have little or zero experience in the electrical industry and are interested in Electrician Training to fast track their career and salary.

Ria Wilks is one of the latest students undergoing Electrician Training with Able Skills for exactly both of these reasons and we thought it would be worth catching up with him to help inspire others to take the leap.

Currently on the City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course, we find out more about his background and his plans for when he finishes which sound very interesting to those who aren't even aspiring to become Electricians. So let's start with...

What He Was Doing Before The Course And Why He's Doing It Now

Ria has been working out on site as an Electrician's mate for 3 years now and is lacking formal qualifications to get to that next step in complex work as well as more money.

Ria initially became interested in becoming an Electrician after realising there was money to be made and he soon found a company to take him on to develop his skills. Currently working for the same company, it's the experience and soon to have City & Guilds qualification that will see him ahead of others working on site.

electrician training

Electrician Training At Able Skills

What Stands Out To You The Most About The Training Thus Far?

electrician training

Able Skills Electrician Training Is City & Guilds Accredited

The facilities are very good and it's a very comprehensive course. There is a lot to learn and it's safe to say I'm very happy with what I paid for as I always get the help when I need it with the instructor. So ye, so far so good.

Ria is currently on his second week of the Level 2 Electrical Course with 5 weeks to go consisting of both practical and theory! Let's move on to what his plans are after the course because it's something that a lot of people didn't know was possible!

What's That?

Did you know a City & Guilds qualification in Electrician Training allows you to work overseas?! A lot of people take advantage of this as an opportunity to work and travel, mixing business and pleasure and Ria tells us he already has work lined up in Denmark and Switzerland for work paying pretty well.

That's his plan after getting a bit more experience in the UK and immediately after his course he wants to offer more private work and is has his eyes set on a higher salary at where he works now.

Sounds like a man who knows what he wants and it certainly seems like he's got his head screwed on! Electrician Training does more than just give someone a good salary but it clearly allows people to see the world too.

Be sure to tune in for an update on the guys completing their Electrician Training and if you'd like more information on how you can do the same thing, please click here.