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Electricians... What's your idea of a perfect client?

Electricians... What's your idea of a perfect client?



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Interacting with clients is of course a major part of the job and having peoples skills can really go along way when it comes to finding work. But rather than telling you what you may not be doing, today we spoke to several students on our Electrical Courses to find out what their idea of the perfect client is. In an attempt to bridge the gap between clients and tradesmen, we thought it would be wise to find out what it is that makes Electricians go above and beyond for their clients!

So here's what you should be doing if you're looking for an Electrician!

Tell them exactly what you want doing!

This may be the most important factor for an Electrician when it comes to carrying out work on your property. Far too many times, clients simply do not know what they want done from their Electrician which doesn't leave them in the know.

If you're thinking of hiring an Electrician, please tell them from the moment you meet what it is exactly you want. Through professional discussion you can discuss how to go about the job and come to a mutual agreement and go from there. There's nothing worse than starting a job to then have your client half way through the job tell you they've changed their mind!... So guys, please prepare yourself for a full job spec that can be worked out between the both of you.

Stick to the set price

Now this leads on from the previous point. Normally you hear about tradesmen not sticking to their original price and trying to get a couple of extra days pay out of you. However, is it possible the client could be at fault?... It could be the case! If you've have agreed what it is exactly that needs doing, then from there a price should be set and it shouldn't change providing there is no extenuating circumstances. Electricians are only trying to make an honest living guys!

Trust your Electrician!

We've all heard about the rogue traders out there and we do need to make sure we're hiring the right person for the job. But we can't drive ourselves crazy thinking all Electricians are the same! When undergoing work, yes it is possible certain things will not strictly follow the original plan and in such instance, your Electrician may make some suggestions being the professional that they are.

When speaking more to students undergoing Electrician Courses here at Able Skills the general consensus is that Electricians love a client who trusts them. They have undergone such Electrician Training to make an honest living and the last thing they want is to cause problems for themselves.

Give them their space!

Trust is one thing, but leaving someone to it is a different story. The last thing Electricians want is someone breathing down their neck following them around the house! Again, we understand you might want to oversee what they're doing, but please let the professionals do what you're paying them for!...

...Guys on our Electrical Courses also told us a cuppa goes a long way too!

There you have it, we thought we would give our future Electricians the voice they deserve. A final reminder guys, don't let the few rogue traders give the rest of the Electricians a bad name!