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Everbuild Wonder Wipes: a trick of the trade

Designed to remove “almost anything” from a wide variety of surfaces, Everbuild’s new multi-use Wonder Wipes look set to become an essential for tradesmen, builders and apprentices across the country.

The wipes are able to mop up some of the most stubborn and troublesome spills and stains, such as wet or semi-cured paint, oil, grease, sealant, silicon, adhesive, bitumen and expanding foam. They can also be used to remove stains or other solutions from hands, meaning that they are ideal to grab on the go.

Wonder Wipes are able to help maintain a healthy workforce and work site, as they contain a powerful antibacterial additive, which has been tested by an independent laboratory to BSEN 1276:2009 and PREN 12054:1995. The wipes are capable of killing harmful bacteria on dirty surfaces and hands, and are particularly useful when there is no water on site.

Despite their durability and powerful bacteria-killing action, the wipes are kind to skin as they contain lanolin, helping to soothe hands that have been on the go all day. The multi-use Wonder Wipes are available in a 100 wipe trade tub, 300 wipe giant tub for smaller building sites or sole tradesmen, and also as a handy 15 wipe foil sachet, which can be tucked into a pocket or bag for easy access.

The wipes are also available in a heavy duty version, ideal for the building, engineering and allied trades. Everbuild Heavy Duty Wonder Wipes are textured wipes which can be used to clean ingrained dirt from hands, tools and surfaces. They also contain lanolin to help to soothe the skin, and have the same powerful anti-bacteria additive as the traditional wipes.